Tik Tok Status

How To see your TikTok Status

Despite the several issues Tik Tok has faced with, its popularity continues to grow. One of the most innovative and yet trendy social video-sharing platforms in the world, today, Tik Tok remains of broad use in all countries where its application is allowed.

Tik Tok Status

While apart from the official page there are also additional or alternatives for extending the use of Tik Tok and posting videos on personal Tik Tok Status, such as the Facebook page for Tik Tok status, Sad Tik Tok WhatsApp Status, and the Tik Tok & Status Downloader. In all cases users can share short real videos with family and friends with no big efforts.

  • 1. Tik Tok Facebook Status
  • In the Facebook page users and fans of Tik Tok can enjoy sharing videos in a simple click.

  • 2. Tik Tok Sad Whatsapp Status Video Download
  • This is one of the most used alternative pages of Tik Tok. On the Tik Tok Sad WhatsApp Status Video Download, users who want to send a sad Tik Tok Message to someone, can do that via sharing a video message on their Tik Tok status page where their friends, familiars, or other persons part of their circle can see it. In this case, the message should not be very boring or a simple text with some words. The message should be a real video that can attracts the attention of the person.

    This can be done by including to the video different animations along with songs or other media forms. For example, Tik Tok users in India use quite often Bollywood songs for creating their sad Tik Tok messages.

  • 3. Tik Tok & Status Downloader
  • An easy app for sharing not only videos but also the place for sharing the daily mood. This is the function of the Tik Tok & Status Downloader app, available and free-for-all users of Tik Tok.

    The steps for making use of the Tik Tok Status are quite simple:

  • 1. Check by clicking on the Category Status/Story from
  • 2. Open the Tik Tok Status app
  • 3.Click on the video you want to watch
  • 4.You can select one or multiple videos in this case
  • 5. Click on the “Save” option

These are the alternatives that users of Tik Tok can use for sharing and posting videos on their Tik Tok Status.